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▲ (左)テクスト文化学研究演習の一コマ (右)所属教員の刊行物から
(left) Snapshot of Seminar in Textual Culture
(right) From a publication of a faculty member

Studies of literary works and popular culture beyond the boundaries of localities.

Area of Textual Culture engages in education of systematic studies of cultural expression focusing on the ways and manners of production of texts and their transformation. Note that “texts” in this case refer to not only the so-called literary works but also motion pictures, cartoons, and thus, are used in a very broad sense. In connection with that, we tend to not dig into any one language or culture, but rather strive to look at texts from multiple angles resorting to the theories of literary works or the methods of comparative literature, cultural studies, etc. Towards completion of graduation dissertation, students enrolled in this Area are to study various texts from multiple perspectives, therefore are urged to routinely obtain counselling of the faculty members, and conduct studies at their own initiatives.

画像:テクスト文化学コース ポイント

This Area puts high values on versatility and initiatives of students. Nevertheless, in order to acquire basic knowledge required for looking at texts, it is recommended that students take the subjects of “Introduction to Textual Culture” and “Introductory Seminar in Cultural Expression” during the 1st year. Unique subjects include “Research Seminar in Textual Culture” offered to the 3rd and 4th year students enrolled in this Area. In principle, all of the 3rd and 4th year students enrolled in this Area take this subject in preparing for completion of their graduation dissertation. This subject provides forums for students to make presentations, and the attending faculty members and students together express mutually their views and comments on the presentations.

開設している主な授業 Subjects Offered

1st year students
テクスト文化学概論 青柳
文化表現領域入門演習I 吉原
2nd year and subsequent year students – specialty subjects
テクスト文化学研究I 清水
テクスト文化学研究I 青柳
テクスト文化学演習IV 齋藤
比較文学研究 平石


青柳 悦子
Etsuko Aoyagi
Francophony Literature, Literary Theory
吉原 ゆかり
Yukari Yoshihara
Acceptance and Changes of Classical English Literature
平石 典子
Noriko Hiraishi
Comparative Literature
齋藤 一
Hajime Saito
Text Studies