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▲ (左)北米先住民ハイダ族の神話に基づいた芸術
(left) Art based on the myth of Haida Tribe, the native people of North America
(right) Lecture scene of Comparative Religion 7, attended also by invitee students from France

Studies of religions in the world from the perspectives of history and society.

Religions in the world marked important tracks on history. Their impact stems from those teachings indicative of the depth of the spirit of human beings such as love in Christianity and emptiness in Buddhism. In addition, religions have been the origins of forces to enrich human life in such segments as politics, economy, art, culture, and so forth. Japanese society is by no means an exception, although it is often quoted as being “nonreligious”. Religion is an important humane phenomenon which arises out of complex relations between history and society. We do not look into religions from the postures of any religious body or religious faith, but perceive religions as humane phenomena and study multiple aspects of religions comparatively or in other ways, all in the academic manner. Also, we put much attention on the importance of field work through which students come to know and comprehend the religions which are presently active.

画像:比較宗教コース ポイント

The curriculum of Area of Comparative Religion is arranged to let students acquire specialty knowledge progressively over the consecutive academic years. The subject of Introductory Seminar in Philosophy and Religious Studies gives the basics about the religions in the world. The subject of Introduction to Comparative Religion provides the theories of religious educations, and leads students to grip various approaches. During the subject of Seminar in Comparative Religion students learn various themes of Area of Comparative Religion. Lectures cover those studies recently pursued by the relevant faculty members as well as current trends of studies. Additionally, there is field work, because we put much importance to visiting the sites of the ongoing religions.

開設している主な授業 Subjects Offered

1st year students
2nd year and subsequent year students – specialty subjects


木村 武史
Takeshi Kimura
Religions in North America, Religion and Environment, Mythologies, Religions in Southeast Asia