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概要 ~情報文化学コース~Outline ~Area of Media Communication and Information Society Studies~

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Revelation of the realities of information society

From body gestures and hand gestures in the ancient times to communications through highly developed contemporary information media, the study subjects covered by this Area are complex and diverse. Whilst the word of “communication” itself has multiple possible meanings, Area of Media Communication and Information Society Studies leads you to make diagnosis of the realities of information society, on the basis of social sciences and humanities approaches, referring to the words of “information”, “media”, “mass communication”, “journalism”, and “mass society” as the key words, and then, with respect to the issues presented, find the path and the ways to look into the issues. We very much look forward to meeting with incoming students with high intellectual curiosity.

情報文化学コース ポイント_190621

There should not be virtually any one day during which you are entirely cut off from media. There are certain perspectives and ways unique to Media Communication and Information Society Studies, to correctly read and deal with such contemporary information society. Students get to learn those through attendance to lectures such as “Introduction to Communication and Culture” and “Visual Culture” as well as subjects for a small number of attendees such as “Seminar in Communication Theory” and “Seminar in Communications and Society”. We are aware that students are under tight time schedules every day because their time is spent not only for studying but also for club activities and part-time work. Notwithstanding such daily cycles from the morning to the night, we hope that students maintain high levels of interests in the realities and the society. It is to be always remembered is that after all what you work on are the issues that are now actually arising in the society.

開設している主な授業 Subjects Offered

1st year students
2nd year and subsequent year students – specialty subjects


海後 宗男  メディア・コミュニケーション論、ネットワーク社会論、情報メディア論
Muneo Kaigo Digital Democracy and Participation, Social Informatics

白戸健一郎  メディア史、東アジアのメディア文化論、メディア政治史
 Kenichiro    Media History and Media Political History