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概要 ~文化地理学コース~Outline ~Area of Cultural Geography~


▲ (左)文化地理学野外実習の風景(北海道・美瑛にて)
(left) A scene from the Fieldwork on Cultural Geography (at Biei, Hokkaido)
(right) Group photo during Introductory Seminar in Field Studies (at Kusatsu, Gunma)

文化地理学コースは、場所・空間・地域・環境・生態・景観といった言葉をキーワードとし、フィールドワークを通して世界の諸地域における人々の 生活・文化の諸相を明らかにします。
At Area of Cultural Geography, the words such as place, space, locality, environment, ecology, or landscape are the keywords, and people’s life and culture in various geographic regions across the globe are studied through field work.

Cultural Geography is intriguing because study subjects are available close at hand. Any phenomena that arise on the surface of the globe, whether it is politics, economy, society, culture or other, can be looked into and dealt with from the perspectives of Cultural Geography. The nature of Cultural Geography as an academic field is such that multiple kinds of data comprising maps, aerial photos, government agencies statistics, archives, etc., are extensively utilized, and based on outdoor observations, hearings, and other results of field work, researchers look into cultural phenomena. Area of Cultural Geography strives to foster development of talents with geographic perspectives, ways of giving thoughts, and skills, as a tool (armory) of culture studies, so that they participate actively in society. Up to now, many talents who took this Are have been active across the finance, insurance, transportation, communication, tourism, media industries as well as local government sectors. Also, there are many graduates who further pursued studies at the Graduate School (Life and Environmental Sciences, Geoenvironmental Sciences major) of this University, obtained master or doctoral degrees, and thereafter chose to work actively as researchers or educators.

画像:文化地理学コース ポイント

The 1st and 2nd years are spent to understand basic academic concepts and to learn research methodologies. Through lectures and practice trainings, intensive and detailed advice and counselling are provided, which cover the Cultural Geography ways of perceiving things and matters, the methods of collecting study materials, the methods of analysis using GIS (Geographic Information System), and the preparation of thematic maps by PCs. From the 3rd year, students enroll in seminars and receive trainings required for specialty studies. We take pride in our intensive empirical studies based on field work results, which makes the University of Tsukuba the frontrunner of Geography in Japan. Ties between seniors and juniors are tight, and there are plenty of gatherings occasions of both the faculty members and students. At Area of Cultural Geography, students are sure to have fulfilling campus life.

開設している主な授業 Subjects Offered

1st year students
2nd year and subsequent year students – specialty subjects


Tomoko Kubo
人文地理学、都市地理学、Housing Studies
Human Geography, Urban Geography, Housing Studies
松井 圭介
Keisuke Matsui
Geography of Culture and Tourism, Geography of Religion, Tourism Culture
森本 健弘
Takehiro Morimoto
Geography of Agriculture and Rural Area, GIS (Geographic Information System), Land Use