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概要 ~フランス語圏文学・文化コース~Outline ~Area of French Studies~


In Paris, after taking the French language class

Read the French literary works and materials to extend your perspectives

This Area broadly covers novels, poems, critiques, dramas, and materials written in the French language. Why do people say that if you are novice to the French culture, then you are novice to the European culture? That is because whilst, during the Renaissance Era, France drew upon many teachings of the ancient Greek and Roman culture, it established Academie Francaise in the 17th century, fully applied its ability towards compilation of the French dictionary and consistently pursued the universality. During the Absolute Monarchism Era under Louis XIV, many outstanding works of classicism were produced, which resulted in the 17th century being called as “the Great Century”. On the other hand, the country inherited the culture of Celtic people who were prior inhabitants of the country, and in more recent times acquired the Creole culture from its prior colonies, as such there is need of centripetal forces comprising the French language, rationality, and the idea of the Republic to buttress and balance the country albeit its versatility. We encourage students to directly touch upon the works and materials in the French language, thereby extending their perspectives.

フランス語圏文学・文化コース ポイント_190621

The subject of Introduction to French Literature and Culture I will give students an overview of the history of the French literary works, and thereafter lectures and seminars will provide opportunities for students to encounter various works through which they get further insights. In terms of studying overseas, we find that besides short-term training programs for the French language (because the programs are within the subjects offered at the Area, credits are obtainable), long-term studies at out affiliated schools including University of Franche-Comte, Bordeaux University, and University of Montreal are popular to our students and in fact many students take those programs.

開設している主な授業 Subjects Offered

1st year students
2nd year and subsequent year students – specialty subjects


増尾 弘美
Hiromi Masuo
Proust’s Novels, France in the Late 19th Century