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概要 ~ドイツ語圏文学・文化コース~Outline ~Area of German Studies~


▲ (左)「バウムクーヘンの会」に集まった日独の学生たち (右)ブレーメンの音楽隊像
(left) Students from Japan and Germany attending “Baumkuchen Gathering”
(right) The Bremer Stadtmusikanten, the Bremen City Music Band

On top of literature and music, “overcome the past” and abandonment of nuclear power generation are covered!

Germany not only acts as a locomotive of the whole European economy but becomes more attractive from the cultural point of view. The number of those who learn the German language which represents the largest population in Europe is rapidly increasing, and Germany has a big voice in the fields of abandonment of nuclear power generation, environmental issues, response to aging society, human rights issues, and so forth. Germany has set a model of modernization for Japan for a long time, and we can find a number of things common with Japan as well as points of contact for actual discussions. It is prudent for students to combine their views of the literature, thoughts, music, motion pictures, physical culture, etc. of the German region at large (Germany, Austria, and Switzerland) with their views of a broad range of situations and contexts related to society, history, politics, and thoughts. Learn the German language, hopefully in Germany as well. Then you will able to perceive things in the eyes of a foreign culture of Germany and take another look at the situations in Japan.

画像:ドイツ語圏文学・文化コース ポイント

University of Tsukuba puts forth efforts to enhance interactions and collaborations with Germany. One of overseas offices of the University is sited in Bonn and engages in activities related to international interactions and collaborations, which means, if you learn the German language, you can swiftly have an opportunity of participating in exchange programs at the universities sited in Bonn, Berlin, Bayreuth, Halle, Cologne and so forth. College of Comparative Culture receives a number of German students from those universities, and the “Baumkuchen Gathering”, which provides pathway of interactions amongst Japanese and German students, takes place every week with plenty many attendees. Germany is a kind of new intellectual window you can open up. Why not learn German literature and culture in the manner typical of a university student?

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1st year students
2nd year and subsequent year students – specialty subjects