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The fun and delight of [reading for piercing the veil]

We strive to let students attain a high level of English language capability, and at the same time, gain good insights of the Anglo-American literary works and culture. Students are able to study into traditional Anglo-American literary works, and beyond that, study broadly, on the basis of theories pertaining to literary works or to culture, into not only novels and poems but also motion pictures, television dramas, music, performing arts, etc. The curriculum includes “American literary works credits model”, “Anglo literary works credits model”, “Cultural studies credits model” , and “TOEFL550(iBT79) credits model”, and the students are able to make their plans to obtain credits that are suited to each one’s objectives and also are systematic. We expect that students make their own study plans to acquire adequate communication skills in English as well as in-depth understanding of foreign culture through English language, while considering the possibility of studying overseas at affiliated schools.

英語圏文学・文化コース ポイント_190621

We recommend students learn the basics through the subjects of “Introduction to Anglo-American Literature” and “Anglo-American Studies” for the 1st and 2nd year students, get broader insights through the subjects of various “Special Topic”s, for the 2nd and 3rd year students, and, when it comes to the seminars for the 4th year students, select those subjects suitable for their respective study themes. Also, in those subjects intended to help attain high levels in the English operating capability, there are lessons for a small number of students at which graduate students from foreign countries act as teaching assistants and provide support to the attending students. It is prudent for students to attend these classes and gain good understanding of the Anglo-American culture, and also acquire solid communication skills backed up by such understanding.

開設している主な授業 Subjects Offered

1st year students
2nd year and subsequent year students – specialty subjects


佐野 隆弥
Takaya Sano
Early Modern English Literature and Culture
竹谷 悦子
Etsuko Taketani
American Literature
中田 元子
Motoko Nakada
19th Century English Novels and Culture
ラフォンテーヌ アンドレ
Lafontaine, Andrée
Film Theory and Cultural Studies