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概要 ~アジア研究コース~Outline ~Area of Asian Studies~


▲ (左)香港島の高層ビル群 (右)ネパールでのフィールドワーク(生き神クマリと)
(left) High-rise buildings on the Hong Kong Island
(right) Field work in Nepal (together with Kumari, Living Goddess)

At Area of Asian Studies, the culture, ethnic groups, religions, politics, societies, etc. of various regions in Asia are studied and reviewed.

Asia is a part of Eurasian Continent and comprises pluralistic regions and places of vast area, long and old history, and various ethnic groups and culture. Japan is sited in Asia, and notwithstanding the recollections of negative history that arose between Japan and other countries in Asia, the interactions and collaborations between Japan and the neighboring countries in Asia becomes increasingly close and tight in the 21st century. Achieving coalition and cooperation through recognition of the diverse realities of Asia as well as recognition of the life, historical background, and values of the people in the local places, all from their points of view, is a task that we must go for. Area of Asian Studies pursues studies which primarily cover China, Taiwan, Korea, Southeast Asia, India, and Tibet, and the objective of the studies is to obtain clear picture of Asia from the historical as well as contemporary points of view, and to develop capabilities suitable for analyzing the ongoing issues.

画像:アジア研究コース ポイント

Area of Asian Studies offers lectures and seminars steered to diverse themes, with a view to achieving interdisciplinary understanding of Asia. In addition, we also put forth great amount of resources in reading the materials and archives expressed in those key languages in the Asian regions (classical Chinese, contemporary Chinese, Tibetan, Korean). We also use many materials in English. Many students travel to local regions for tourism, studies overseas, or field work, and formulate awareness of their own on the issues, which comes to fruition as the originalities abundant graduation dissertation.

開設している主な授業 Subjects Offered

1st year students
2nd year and subsequent year students – specialty subjects




丸山 宏
Hiroshi Maruyama
Religion and Ethnicity in China
山本 真
Shin Yamamoto
Modern History of China, History of Overseas and Ethnic Chinese
吉水 千鶴子
Chizuko Yoshimizu
Religion and Culture in India and Tibet, History of Buddhism and Buddhist Thought

近藤隼人    Hayato Kondo

南アジアの思想文化、とくに古典インドの思想や宗教を研究しています。                          Thought and Culture in Southern India and Classic Thought and Religion in India