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概要 ~日本文学コース~Outline ~Area of Japanese Literature~

画像:住吉物語絵巻 筑波大学附属図書館所蔵01 

▲ 住吉物語絵巻 筑波大学附属図書館所蔵
The Sumiyoshi Monogatari Emaki (Picture Scroll of the Sumiyoshi Tales,) a collection of University of Tsukuba Library


The University of Tsukuba Library is well stocked with many precious classical items and collections. This picture scroll portrays the Sumiyoshi Tales, which is an outstanding work on step mother/daughter ordeals, annotated by gorgeously colored paintings.

Studies cover the Japanese literary works and writers ranging from the ancient times to the contemporary.

Area of Japanese Literature provides an opportunity for students to gain a broad overview of how the Japanese literature has evolved since the Nara Era to the contemporary. The Area’s faculty members comprise a full set of specialists on the respective times, thus students are able to acquire diverse knowledge and insights through this class. Along with that, students will select a certain literary work and a writer as the subjects of their studies, set up specific tasks, and keep developing their capability of resolving the bottlenecks lying ahead. Studies ought to be consistently pursued not depending on the studies or findings of others, but using the eyes and hands of their own, all with a view to taking the first step towards the goal of mastering the study tasks.
It is to be noted that studies of the selected literary work and writer would take you to reveal and figure out the situations of the culture and people of the relevant times, and that would constitute an activity of great significance, i.e., to turn to a universal query into the nature and characteristics of human beings.

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Students can actually see and grab the books crafted and bound in traditional Japanese ways, and learn those unique calligraphy letters called Hentai Gana, transmuted kana letters. The benefit of that is you then have the capability of comprehending those works of deformed calligraphy letters which you frequently see in museums. In the 3rd year, there is a field work tour of the Japanese literary works, and students actually visit the places associated with the literary works.
The experience to write down graduation dissertation in which students study into a certain specific literary work which up to now has been read by many generations of people, and go through the process of figuring out the implications of setting up study tasks at their own initiatives is sure to form a valuable asset for students, which will be drawn upon for the rest of life.

開設している主な授業 Subjects Offered

1st year students
2nd year and subsequent year students – specialty subjects


馬場 美佳
Mika Baba

Modern Japanese Literature, Contemporary Japanese Literature

吉森 佳奈子

History of Japanese Literature, Classical Japanese Literature