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画像:クリスティー・コリンズ先生My name is Kristie Collins, and I look forward to welcoming you to my College of Comparative Culture classes at the University of Tsukuba. I teach a variety of courses,including "Introduction to Gender Studies," "Media & Gender," "Introduction to Canadian Studies," "Canadian Literature," "Academic Writing," and "English IA". In these classes and seminars, I enjoy acting as a guide or facilitator as my Japanese and International students work together to explore texts, cultures, and languages in an active and communicative way. Please join us as we dive into weekly group discussions, creative presentations, and exciting debates in our Hibun classrooms-- see you soon!!


画像:ヘラト・ヘーゼルハウス先生Hi there! Servus! Manishma! ようこそ!
I grew up in the European Union with German, English, Hebrew and many other languages. In my classes I try to give a vivid idea of European multiculturalism and multilingualism. In my seminar on"Jewish Literature and Culture"students can enjoy lively discussions using"easy"English as an "international means of communication". In my German literature classes students have the chance to discuss topics in German and European literature, culture, and history first-hand with a native speaker and European citizen, and develop their own critical perspectives. My German language class centers on communication and learning to express oneself in a foreign language and environment.