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▲ (左)文化人類学実習で調査を行った獅子舞の「中」。実際にやってみることから見えることがある。

(left) The “Naka”, the Center part, of Shishimai, the Lion Dance. A scene from the Cultural Anthropology field work program. There are things you cannot figure out unless you actually have had experience of performing.
(right) A visit to a folklore teller’s residence to take interviews about folk events. A scene from the Folklore field work program.

Getting to the field and finding out how people do in society.

“What are human beings?” is the query that Area of Cultural Anthropology goes after and looks into. This may sound too ambiguous. There are multiple ways of rushing in the query of “what are human beings”. Students enrolled in this Area work on this query by getting to the “field” selected according to the interests of one‘s own, interacting with the people who live there, listening carefully to their voice, and understanding the ways they spend life or see things, or by investigating various materials handed down from the past, considering the materials as the “field”. People consistently get involved in a variety of things and matters here and there, and within the potentials and constraints of such involvement produce something, take over and hand down, or modify the same. That is the way one’s life is. Networks of such involvement spread out from family to locality, country, and the world, or from the past to the future, and you will be marveled to see how such networks were composed and in what shape people are. Come join us, and you and we together find it out.

画像:文化人類学コース ポイント

This Area provides an opportunity for students to take lectures and acquire “posture” and “perspective” suitable for looking at locality, and take practice trainings through field work. Then, students select a specific subject (locality) according to their own interests, work on it, and write graduation dissertation. At seminars, there always are discussions between different perspectives, which are stimulating yet in a pleasant and friendly atmosphere. Another characteristic of the Area is that because the faculty members include specialists in cultural anthropology, folklore, and history, coverage is broad, which is beneficial to students as they can obtain advice and counselling from multiple angles.

開設している主な授業 Subjects Offered

1st year students




2nd year and subsequent year students – specialty subjects

文化人類学研究I, II

文化人類学研究演習I, II


民俗学研究I, II



中東・中央アジア文化研究I, II                     

中東・中央アジア文化研究演習I, II


徳丸 亜木
Aki Tokumaru
Japanese Folklores, Comparative Folklore
木村 周平
Shuhei Kimura
Cultural Anthropology, STS (Science, Technology and Society), Disaster Studies
塩谷 哲史
Akifumi Shioya
History of Central Asia, History of Russia and the Soviet Union, Islamic Area Studies